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Big Data Application

Business, Logistic, and Risk Management


Cloud and Services Computing

Control and Robotics

Data Analytics

Decision Making

Evolutionary Computation and Optimization

Identification and Estimation

Image, Speech and Signal Process on internet

Information Hiding Technology

Information Processing

Intelligent Data Base System

Intelligent e-Technology

Intelligent Human-Web Interaction

Internet of Things

Knowledge Grids and Grid Intelligence

M2M Communication

M2M Application

Machine Learning

Modeling and simulation

Natural Language Processing

Neural Fuzzy Systems

Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision


Semantic Web and Ontology Engineering

Social Networks

Soft Computing Applications

Ubiquitous Intelligence

Uncertainty and Approximate Reasoning

Web Agents

Web Information Retrieval and Filtering

Web Mining and Farming

Web Related Technology and Application

Web Services

Web Standards

Web Support Systems

Web-based eLearning and eBusiness

WI Foundations

World Wide Wisdom Web